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21. [Adam Przytula] Is it possible to put an end to bullying?

Adam Przytula was bullied as a kid … to the put that as he says, “I had a suicide plan”.  Now that’s pretty extreme, yet it’s another deeply personal example of the negative and drastic impact that bullying can have on us and on our kids. Adam wants things to change … and as a result he’s set up an award winning program for schools that helps to address the issue of bullying. It empowers the kids who are being bullied with strategies to effectively deal with the situations, and it helps the kids who are doing the bullying, realise the how devastating their actions can be.  Take a listen … it’s an issue that’s important to all of us. (Give it a moment to load once you’ve hit play)

19. [Tom Cronin]

An ancient story is re-born in Tom Cronin. Super successful broker. Living the high life. Had it all … but inside was falling apart. Here’s the story of how he climbed back out of severe anxiety and panic and into a life of love, peace, and contentment through the use of meditation. This man got a freakin’ life and he’s helping thousands of others as well. Who knows … he might even be able to help you.

To find out more and get some great free videos from Tom teaching his best insights about meditation, head on over to the Stillness Project.


16. [Tim Holmes]

15. [Veronica Fury]

So, I’m sitting in our fav cafe and Andrew says to me about Veronica Fury, “Now Nic … you’ve just gotta understand … if you get just ONE film made and distributed it’s a freakin’ miracle.  But to have as many as Veronica has … wells that’s just totally bizzare.

We have to speak with her for Get a Freakin’ Life”.

Veronica is an amazing person and has had multiple documentaries filmed and distributed (you’ll find out how many in the podcast).

You stop and listen to people like this. You hear what they say and you soak it up.

If you’re sitting there with an idea and you want it to become a reality, then check out this podcast for a serious dose of virtual medicine and personal coaching.

14. [Elizabeth Shannon] Get a freakin’ sleep

Sleep deprived, insomniacs are coming to take over the world! In fact, we think they took over the world a loooooong time ago. (Really … do the ‘world leaders’ get enough sleep?).

Fact is, your brain DEPENDS on sleep. It’s a mandatory requirement for good, health function. So, are you getting any …?

Do you feel depressed for no reason? How about anxious? Are you forgetful? Can’t focus?

In this episode we speak with someone who has devoted a large part of her life to help you get enough good quality sleep. Elizabeth Shannon from Sleepless No More is in the studio with us. Have a listen (and please try to stay awake).

13. [Gerard Barrios] In the Swing of Coffee: Traced Back to the President of El Salvador and Napoleon the 3rd

Seven generations.  Heritage traced back to the President of El Salvador and Napoleon the 3rd.

To be alive is to have a great sense of responsibility, you have to do things with this life, because many people haven’t lived to reach your age and they would have done anything for your life. We have a responsibility to live for us and for thee ones that didn’t

Broke the mold – one of the first independent importers of coffee out of honduras and into Australia

International coffee organisation

Coffee has it’s own stock exchange

Promoting quality – Gerard was a consultant for the Honduran government

in 2000 – got an award from the Royal Agricultural Show – was selling at minus 15 cents of the international standard – after Gerard got the award, Gerard added another 15 cents per pound -

Alliance for Coffee Excellence

Speciality Coffee Association of Australasia

Every part that I did wrong put me on the right track

Never feel bad for asking for what you want, because if you don’t you’ll never get it

11. [Andrrea Hess] The Worlds Most Practical Psychic

Andrrea didn’t want to be a psychic. She didn’t even really believe in them. Yet one day, something happened that caused a shift in her life that has led her to become a leading figure in the world of psychics, and beyond.

Whether you (or we) believe in psychics is NOT the point of this wonderful, funny, and highly enjoyable episode. And while Andrrea does offer some really down to earth advice and insights … the real story is about how she went from being an Opera Singer, to following her passion and what she believe’s is her life purpose.

In a nutshell, Andrrea got herself a freakin’ life alright … so take a listen just to find out what happened.

10. [Mia Freedman] From Publishing Exec to Blog Publisher

This is the raw story of the ups, downs, and ups of Mia Freedman, as told by Mia Freedman. Arguably one of Australia’s most consistently influential people through her work in the media, you will discover the person behind the persona in this episode of Get a Freakin’ Life.

Mia started working in the women’s magazine industry at age 19, and in 2003, after seven years of hard work including editing 100 issues of Cosmopolitan magazine, Mia became the Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Dolly. Mia then moved the channel 9 network in Australia and in 2009 was appointed Chair of the Federal Government’s National Body Image Advisory Group.

Perhaps her most personal project to date is the mamamia blog, which Mia started in 2007 and now has an editorial team of 14 women of all ages and backgrounds, plus over 300 contributors from ordinary women in the community, and including Hollywood star Toni Collette and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Talk about gettin’ a freakin’ life — you’ll love this episode with Mia because it’s inspiring, honest, and real.


9. [Sam Bailey] Farmer, pilot, speaker, author … and quadriplegic

I (Dr Nic) grew up in the Aussie country and married a farmer’s daughter, and I’ve been visiting the farm a few times a year now for over 20 years.  When Andrew told me about our guest on this podcast, the story really hit home … and once you listen to it, it will really hit home for you too.

Sam Bailey was a young bloke with a farming future ahead of him … until one day at age 19 a terrible car accident left him quadriplegic.  Listening to him speak now, though, it’s clear that the accident did not get in the way of that farming future.  In fact, that accident has taken him on a journey that he’s grateful for.

To really get this, you need to hear Sam tell his story.  It’s not a sad story … it’s an uplifting story.  Let us know how it impacts you in the comments below … and if you’ve EVER going to share something with your network of people, then share this.

8. [John Blake] Widowed, shafted, and thrived …? Now how does that work?

Imagine losing everything? How would you cope? John Blake lost a lot in a very short period of time … and while his story is devastating, he as a person is remarkable. So, don’t miss this episode of Get a Freakin’ Life because the lessons here are more real than most lessons you’ve ever been exposed to.


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7. [Dr Nic & Andrew Daddo] Get a Freakin’ Life

So who would start a podcast called ‘Get a Freakin’ Life’?  In this episode Dr Nic and Andrew come clean and interview each other to provide the background story.

Dr Nic, the son of a preacher man, dropped out of high school to be a muso, then turned neuroscience lecturer and medical researcher, and now uses all that to influence others through digital media and online business.

Andrew, it was predicted, would travel the world at other people’s expense, and that’s what he’s done as a TV host, radio host, successful children’s book author, and international speaker (all while still working out what he wants to do when he grows up).

6. [Dave Jenyns] Mr Opportunity (and the guy who sold the MCG)

Have you ever heard a story about someone who has done something remarkable … and you thought to yourself, “hang on, I had that SAME idea” and you tease yourself by saying “I coulda done that”.  Or maybe it’s that feeling of having someone else see an opportunity that you just didn’t see … and they ran with it, while you just watched on, wondering how you can start to ‘see’ opportunities?

Well, our guest today, Dave Jenyns, is one of the guys who not only sees opportunity everywhere … but is also able to take action on opportunity and turn it into success.

To find out more about Dave and what he does, check out: Dave Jenyns

5. [James Schramko] Turn in your 4K suit for thongs and business by the beach

This has all the ingredients of a great story.  From financial ruin, debt collection, and car sales, through to four thousand dollar suits, Mercedes and management, through to throwing it all in, starting again, and creating an idyllic internet lifestyle with no boss, a global reach, and thriving customer base.

Introducing James Schramko from Superfast Business.

4. [Rocky Biasi] Behind the scenes look at teachers

Did you like school?  Did you have a favourite teacher?  Did school leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, or a poor story about your teachers School is all about helping kids to ‘get a freakin’ life’, and so we’ve found ourselves an expert who teaches teachers how to be great mentors to the kids they teach.  And we try to find out why up to 50% of teachers leave the profession within 5 years.

3. [Glen Campbell] What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?  That’s such a common question to get when you’re 5 or 10.  What about when you’re 25 or 40 though?  What does that question mean to you then?

In this episode, we speak with world leading personal brand expert who helps people … and mostly ‘very important people’ find out what it is that they want to do when they grow up.

Glen Campbell held executive positions in a number of internationally acclaimed advertising agencies.  He’s worked with the best of the best and now applies all the knowledge and expertise to helping people find out what they purpose is in life.

2. [Kevin English] Huntington’s disease – it’s not over yet.

The top regret of people facing imminent death was that they wished they’d lived a life that was true to themselves.  Our guest in this episode, Kevin English, is in that situation.  He has Huntington’s disease, which is a degenerative neurological condition, and this greatly reduces life expectancy. Even so, Kevin isn’t taking this without an inspiring ‘fight’ and he’s here today to talk about how he is getting a freakin’ life despite having this disease.

1. [Tony Haddleton] Three blokes and a skateboard …

It was an Australian suburb.  The speed of the skateboard got too much for the kid that was on it (Andrew) as he hurtled down the asphalt hill.

In simple terms, the impact of his arm on the road was what caused the fracture … but maybe you could say it was that lack of a brake on that skateboard that was the ‘real’ cause.

That’s the story we lead with in Episode 1 of Get a Freakin’ Life.  We interview the guy behind what could be one of skateboarding’s greatest innovations.  The skateboard with a brake.